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Allen Gold & Silver Exchange has set its mission to offer our customers the first-rate service at all our branches in Texas. We work hard to make our services accessible and easy to use for jewelry lovers seeking unique and distinctive pieces. If you’re looking for diamond rings or other exquisite jewelry, our team is with you every step of the way.

Each of our designs represents a milestone in our customers’ lives, so we customize the experience. It’s our mission to not only meet but also exceed your expectations and make sure that you will leave us satisfied with an exceptional memory.

Allen Gold & Silver Exchange is where one can find a variety of top-notch jewelry, and more importantly, we emphasize that customer satisfaction is our priority. No matter your experience with jewelry, we will assist you find the right piece.

Please come and visit one of our stores or check out our website to see some fabulous jewelry that we sell. We’re here to help you choose something stunning for yourself or as a gift that someone else will never forget.

出售您的珠宝 972-996-4605 德克萨斯州艾伦

Here at Allen Gold and Silver Exchange, we appraise many different valuables including 钻石, antique jewelry, gems, coins, metals, gold, stones, watches and luxury watches. If you’re not sure if you want to sell your valuables to us, give us a call! We will be happy to provide you with any information you may need before you bring your valuables to us. 

如果您没有任何判断您的作品价值的经验,那么试图弄清楚这些事情可能会非常令人头疼。非专业人士很容易意外地对您的商品进行错误评分。当我们收到您的贵重物品时,我们将根据其状况进行评估。我们的宝石学家在对您的物品进行评级时会考虑很多因素,例如克拉值(10k、14k、18k 或纯金)(如果是黄金或钻石)、重量、尺寸、颜色、可用性、纯度、切工、珠宝商印章等等。 

Allen Gold & Silver Exchange Offers Exquisite Jewelry and Precious Metals Across Texas Locations

艾伦金银交易所为德克萨斯州多个地点的客户提供服务。我们帮助有兴趣寻找杰出范例的男性和女性 优质钻石 戒指、项链、耳环等。我们的商店将买卖黄金和其他贵金属(包括手表)。我们有时会接受贸易物品。请尽快在线或通过电话访问我们,探索各种有用的服务。


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