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Where To Buy Gold Jewelry? Best Places 2023

Where to buy gold jewelry? Allen Gold & Silver Exchange will show you the best places to buy gold Jewelry via the article below.

Since ancient times, gold and silver have always been precious jewelry used to honor the beauty of people. Therefore, many people still find reputable places to shop for jewelry, gold and silver.

You need to buy and sell gold and silver but do not know which gold shop to choose for the best quality and prestige. 

Gold-Plated, Gold-Filled, Gold-Hollow and Vermeil

Purchasing gold jewelry is quite simple compared to the world of diamonds and gemstones. But when purchasing actual gold online, there are certain warning signs.

Sometimes solid real gold is not. It might be vermeil, hollow, plated, or filled.

You must choose solid gold while hunting for gold jewelry for an engagement ring. Solid gold jewelry is the best choice if you want to fix it without difficulty.

The number of karats should be imprinted on genuine gold, followed by either K or KT. Gold jewelry must be legally marked. 

But you risk being scammed if you don’t purchase from our suggested merchants. Here are a few examples of gold jewelry you could find when looking.

Gold-Plated, Gold-Filled, Gold-Hollow and Vermeil

Real Gold Plated Jewelry

It’s likely that you may come across either plated or gold-plated jewelry in the title or description throughout your web search. 

Even the term “genuine 14K gold plated jewelry” has been used to describe it. To some degree, it’s not lying.

When something is described as “gold plated,” it refers to electroplating a thin coating of genuine gold over the base metal, another metal. 

Sterling silver, stainless steel, surgical steel, or unidentified metals are all acceptable base metals for gold-plated jewelry.

The gold plating will start to tarnish with time. That silvery hue will start to fade if it is white gold plated. 

You may see the dullness through the rhodium of the white gold plating if it is plated over silver. 

If your yellow gold ring contains a silver base metal, it will start to fade and become unattractive.

Keep in mind that not all jewelers will replace jewelry. Because nickel is present in the base metal underneath the plating, wearing jewelry with gold plating often turns fingers green. 

Rings often include nickel, which is classified as an alloy metal.

The karat of the gold plating should be included in the title or description, even if it is often not physically stamped on the item.

It could be labeled as 14K GP, which stands for gold plated, in certain places.

Real Gold Filled Jewelry

Jewelry made with gold filled has a value of 5% of that of pure gold. The term itself is deceptive since the phrase “gold filled” gives the impression that it is covered with gold. However, this isn’t exactly the case.

Gold-filled jewelry often has a thick layer of plating applied over brass or another base metal. Jewelry made of gold filled and gold plated is highly similar to each other. 

Although it will survive longer than gold-plated jewelry, it will ultimately fall apart.

You won’t discover many of the most excellent gold chains online at our suggested merchants. 

Since the main distinction between gold and gold plating is the thickness of the plating layer, it is conceivable to discover gold jewelry that has been branded as gold plated.

Real Gold Hollow Jewelry

Real gold and air are used to create hollow gold jewelry. You do realize that you are paying for air. 

Instead of being as weighty as gold often is, your gold is lighter. Hollow gold jewelry is compared to having an empty soul.

Jewelry made of hollow gold is quite light, apart from the dramatics. The jewelry’s outside frame is solid, pure gold, while the inside is empty. 

In the shape of 14K gold hoop earrings and even gold rope necklaces, I’ve seen hollow gold jewelry at both Kay and Zales.

The price is less expensive than real gold jewelry, but it may be better. Hollow gold jewelry has a cheaper feel than it is. 

Since the only metal is technically genuine gold, hollow gold jewelry has gold karat imprinted.

Hollow gold jewelry is much more costly than genuine gold jewelry.

On a website, it is impossible to distinguish between hollow and solid gold jewelry. But once you have it in your hands, you’ll be able to see it right away. 

Websites like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and Overstock may offer hollow gold jewelry without any disclaimer.

Due to their reliable return policies, we advise customers to shop at the merchants we have repeatedly shown to be reliable. 

Each of Kay’s and Zales’ excellent return policies and potential inventory of hollow gold jewelry.

Real Gold Vermeil Jewelry

Vermeil gold is the name for jewelry that combines silver and real gold. Because gold is applied over any base metal in gold-plated jewelry, vermeil and gold-plated jewelry differ. Over authentic vermeil items, silver is plated.

Best Places to Buy Gold Jewelry in 2023

Best Places to Buy Gold Jewelry


Despite its headquarters in Manhattan’s Diamond District, Szul is a leader in the internet jewelry industry and sells all its items there. 

Because they buy directly from the suppliers, they can maintain minimal overhead, which translates to reduced pricing for the customer.

Their gold chains range from 16 to 22 inches and are available in 10K and 14K karat. These chains have no frills and are plain, everyday designs ideal for wearing alone or with pendants.

Free delivery, gift packing, and a 60-day return policy are all provided by Szul. Working with them is a breeze because of their courteous and on-point customer service.


Within a short period, Etsy has become a significant player in the handcrafted jewelry market for small enterprises. 

They are one of the most well-known jewelry brands today, and its selection has something for everyone. Like Amazon, Etsy provides a forum for independent designers and retail establishments.

We like Etsy because it makes purchasing simplified and makes it simple to identify the ideal item, check out potential sellers, and make a buy. 

Everything from over $75,000 in premium gold chains to low-cost gold-plated costume jewelry is available. 

Additionally, Etsy provides a variety of vintage gold chains if it’s vintage you’re looking for.

Verify that the shop you’re buying from is reliable by looking at their customer reviews, seeing whether they respond to them, how long they’ve been on Etsy, their return policy, and the total amount of sales. 

You can determine the seller’s standing and reputation by looking at all of these.


Amazon is a platform that enables merchants and makers from all over the globe to market their goods in one location, not a store per se. 

You may also find well-known brands here since many renowned businesses sell their goods on Amazon.

Amazon has various gold chains, ranging from low-cost gold-plated necklaces to pricey solid gold designs. 

The search criteria on Amazon are recommended since it will be like looking for a needle in a haystack. 

We advise searching for chains with a solid returns policy, attentive sellers, and excellent customer ratings. 

You may utilize your Amazon Prime membership to get free expedited delivery on your purchases if you have one.

Amazon offers variety, but it’s up to you to conduct your research to avoid being taken advantage of. Always research the policies and reputation of each vendor.

Littman Jewelers

Littman Jewelers, established in 1973, is renowned in the jewelry industry for its classic styles and fine workmanship. 

The business is dedicated to ensuring complete client happiness, and if you’re not thrilled with the goods, you have three months to swap them. 

This makes Littman Jewelers a fantastic destination for your search for gold chains and superb customer service.

They provide a large selection of gold chains that range in price from $250 to more than $14,500. 

These come in a variety of two-tone and 14K yellow, white, and rose gold jewelry designs. 

All the common chain variations are available here, including obscure chain varieties like Franco, Spiga, and Herringbone.

Their website is simple to use, and it makes buying easier. 

There is no excuse not to check out Littman Jewelers for your gold chain with the 2-day free delivery on all purchases, the 60-day returns policy, the lifetime warranty, and the affordable rates.

James Allen

Each item of gold jewelry sold by James Allen is made entirely of pure, solid gold.

No painted hues, gold plating, hollow gold, or vermeil will present a problem for you. They provide a wide variety of exquisite jewelry, including engagement rings, in white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold. 

Even two-tone diamond rings, such as the magnificent bypass engagement ring below, are available, made in 14K two-tone rose and white gold.

The solid 14k and 18K gold jewelry alternatives from James Allen are available. 

However, not all of their excellent rose gold jewelry will be 14K. Even if they don’t sell basic gold jewelry, you don’t have to buy plenty of glitter.

Their diamond necklaces often use little or solitary diamonds. However, James Allen is more than pleased to accommodate a variety of choices with sparkling melee diamonds if you adore sparkle and glamor.

They come with an excellent guarantee, which by itself justifies buying them.

A lifetime guarantee that covers wear and tear is included with every piece of fine jewelry by James Allen. 

These include polishing and cleaning, tightening stones, re-tipping prongs, and rhodium plating for white gold jewelry.

They provide one free ring size for wedding bands and engagement rings during the first year if necessary. 

James Allen has a 30-day return policy that is simple to start via their customer care if you don’t like your gold jewelry.

Clean Origin

Because they only offer lab-grown diamonds, Clean Origin’s diamond jewelry line has a lot of appeals. 

In addition to selling loose lab diamonds, Clean Origin also makes its whole line of fine jewelry entirely out of lab-created stones.

You won’t find any colorful gemstones in settings made of actual gold since they only function with diamonds. 

They provide lab-grown fancy-colored diamonds, an excellent alternative to real diamonds for an engagement ring.

At Clean Origin, every piece of gold jewelry is genuine gold. Nothing in their collection is 14K or less unless it is plated. 

However, you won’t find simple gold jewelry here if that’s what you’re searching for.

Rhodium plating and prong re-tipping are normal maintenance not covered by Clean Origin’s guarantee. 

Unfortunately, not many internet merchants do. The manufacturer’s warranty covers them. They have a very unusual return policy.

They provide 100 days to return any gold jewelry you purchase from them. 

This is advantageous since most problems with flaws or minor comfort annoyances become apparent during the first few months.

J.R. Dunn

One of the oldest brands in the jewelry industry is J.R. Dunn, which was founded in 1969. 

The company has a sizable customer base and is well-known for its integrity and quality, as seen by the thousands of favorable customer reviews posted on independent websites.

Top jewelry designers at J.R. Dunn have a choice of gold chains in sterling silver and carat gold. 

Their chains are available in various patterns, from simple, unadorned versions to elaborate ones with jewels, diamonds, and gold wrought work. 

If you’re searching for high-end, high-quality gold chains, our selection has a variety of gorgeous, fashionable, and cutting-edge designs.

The firm doesn’t seem to allow returns, which might be an issue if you don’t quite like the thing you selected, even if you adore the goods.

Pictures on Gold

Pictures on gold, a New York-based company, takes its name from the lockets with color photographs laser-etched within. 

However, it has an excellent selection of gold chains, with white and yellow 14K gold available in all the standard styles. 

Pictures on gold make it simple to locate what you’re searching for in one spot with more than 11 different chains, including more uncommon variants like their real leather chains.

Custom jewelry cannot be returned; however, the firm ensures client happiness by providing regular 30-day refunds and a price match guarantee. 

Do not let the website’s outdated appearance deter you from pursuing its incredible selections. 

After all, the business has received over 4,750 5-star evaluations on Reseller Ratings, demonstrating its dedication to client happiness.

Blue Nile

Blue Nile is one of the best places to buy genuine gold jewelry online that provide a large assortment of solid gold engagement rings and beautiful jewelry. 

They feature a sizable assortment of genuine solid gold earrings and other things without stones.

They sell rose, yellow, and white gold jewelry in addition to Italian gold, which is a bit unique from the rest. 

You can get some from a trustworthy dealer, even if it was created in Italy. It would be amazing.

They provide various possibilities, whether you want colorful gemstones or diamonds with your gold jewelry. 

14K and 18K gold will be used to set all Blue Nile’s gold jewelry. It’ll always be made of pure gold. 

From reasonably priced to very costly, gold jewelry is available, such as this 18K Italian Gold cuff bracelet from their Extraordinary collection:

Blue Nile offers a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty to any customer who buys jewelry, effectively guaranteeing that the business would replace any rings that have manufacturing flaws or issues with the design or craftsmanship of the ring itself.

If you require rhodium plating or stone tightening because your jewelry has worn out, the cost will be on you.

If you don’t like the gold jewelry from Blue Nile, you have 30 days to return it and get your money back. 

You may start the procedure online, making it easy and stress-free. Remember that many goods available only via special orders at Blue Nile are not returnable.

Frost NYC

Frost NYC is widely known as a pioneer in men’s gold chains and jewelry and has served various famous people, including Charlemagne, Cee-lo Green, and Travis Scott. 

They specialize in several kinds of gold chains, which may cost a few hundred dollars to more than $20,000.

No fake jewelry is present here; genuine gold chains, mostly in 10K and 14K variants, are provided. 

For insurance reasons, Frost NYC offers an assessment on demand for any jewelry valued at more than $500.

Frost NYC offers to ship to all countries with a 15-day money-back guarantee and great customer service. 

They have a legion of satisfied customers and thousands of 5-star testimonials on independent websites.

Brilliant Earth

Brilliant Earth is a well-known brand when discussing loose diamonds and ethical sourcing. 

The main means by which they do this is by offering blockchain diamonds and recycled diamonds.

Blockchain diamonds have a history of every location the loose diamond has gone throughout creation. 

The Kimberly Process guarantees that diamonds purchased haven’t been involved in civil conflicts. 

That is insufficient, according to Brilliant Earth. They want even greater openness. Additionally, their non-blockchain diamonds come from Botswana, Russia, or Canada.

Even though Brilliant Earth isn’t a green business, they make the most of every opportunity to give back. 

They do this, among other things, by wearing gold jewelry. They utilize recycled gold to assure ethical sourcing and benefit the environment.

The majority is recycled, albeit not all. They have 14K or 18K gold on them.

They don’t have any ordinary gold jewelry on them, like other people. And it’s all solid gold. 

They do provide a huge variety of distinctive gemstone gold jewelry. Not every gold hue is available for every component, however.

Donations are another way Brilliant Earth gives back. The item above is now supporting Feeding America’s COVID Relief Fund.

When you purchase gold jewelry from Brilliant Earth, you are given a complimentary lifetime manufacturer guarantee.

Unlike some other dealers, they provide you the opportunity to buy a 3-year guarantee to cover regular maintenance. 

The warranty’s cost is determined using a sliding scale. Additionally, adding it requires phoning the business, which I find cumbersome.

Super Jeweler

Super Jeweler has been operating for more than 20 years since being founded in 1999. 

The business is renowned for its dedication to fair pricing, ethical diamonds, and superior practices.

There is a vast selection of gold chains available from Super Jeweler, ranging in price from around $130 to over $11,000. 

They provide rose, yellow, and white gold chains of 10K, 14K, and 18K gold.

One of the most excellent things about shopping at Super Jeweler is that they stand behind each item and provide a risk-free 60-day money return guarantee and a lifetime warranty. Additionally, they provide free shipping anywhere.

Is Real Gold Suitable For Engagement Rings?

Is Real Gold Suitable For Engagement Rings?

The most common metal for diamond engagement rings is gold. People often are unaware that genuine gold is available in hues other than yellow gold. 

Over the years, I often heard individuals claim that they preferred silver over gold. However, most of the time, they’re referring to the gold’s true hue.

Sterling silver is not as comfortable to wear often as most men’s wedding bands and engagement rings are. 

It isn’t as resistant to dampness, and ordinary circumstances as gold is. Therefore, if you like the hue silver over yellow gold, you will choose white gold.

Remember that white gold is inherently yellow in its native state, so rhodium plating is sometimes required. 

Gold acquires the brilliant silvery hue of white gold as a result. 

It’s crucial to choose a white gold engagement ring from a store like James Allen that offers free rhodium plating forever.

All pure gold, as long as it’s not a high karat gold, is appropriate for engagement rings. The durability of the ring reduces with increasing gold karat content.

How Do I Buy Real Gold Jewelry? – Buying Guide

Although browsing a variety of white gold jewelry online is quite simple, there are a few considerations when selecting the best white gold jewelry.

Gold Content

I don’t suggest 18K for bracelets, bangles, or engagement rings; a set of gold diamond earrings is not particularly dangerous. 

The more delicate 18K diamond stud earrings shouldn’t be challenging to maintain in excellent condition unless you’re not taking proper care of them.

The higher the carat you go with chains, the more caution I’d advise. Gold chains often shatter at some time since they are not entirely durable. 

Add additional softer gold, and the protection will be even lower. 

Also, since the natural gold hue is stronger in 18K white gold than in 14K, rhodium plating will be required more often.

Your search for gold jewelry will be simpler to focus on if you know how much gold content you need or don’t require for your goals.


Many individuals are unaware that it is possible to be allergic to precious metals. We’ve all heard a few tales of people who bought cocktail rings from Walmart or Kohls’s, whose fingers went green.

Many people presume that this is because the gold is fake.

It’s just partially true. Most inexpensive jewelry purchased on websites like Amazon, eBay, or Etsy is gold-plated. 

Although they should, not all reputable sellers do so. The basic metal becomes visible when the plating deteriorates. 

Gold plating is used on many fashion jewelry items, including cocktail rings.

The most common culprit in metal allergies is nickel. Nowadays, most fine jewelry is nickel-free or only contains minimal amounts. 

A mild nickel allergy shouldn’t prevent someone from wearing 14K gold. Some people may not wear gold combined with any alloy due to rare, severe nickel allergy.

This also implies that the amount of nickel allergy you are exposed to depends on how much gold is in the piece of jewelry. 

Thus this should always be taken into account when buying genuine gold jewelry.

How To Get The Best Price When Buying Real Gold Jewelry Online?

Get The Best Price When Buying Real Gold Jewelry Online

Permanent Warranty

Acquiring gold jewelry from a store that offers lifetime guarantees whenever possible is crucial. 

Contrary to popular perception, jewelry does not last a lifetime. It is vulnerable to harm. For rings, this is particularly true.

To maintain the rhodium plating on white gold jewelry, you should search for a lifetime guarantee. 

If your ring has diamonds, you should ensure they are adjusted in case they get loose. You should get the prongs retipped when they ultimately begin sticking on garments.

All these services will be covered by warranties covering wear and tear. You will eventually have to pay out of pocket if not. 

Do yourself a favor and purchase from a merchant like James Allen, who offers it for free forever!

Examine The Return Policy

We trust them, one of the main reasons we advise you to buy from the online diamond merchants we suggest. 

While you could see reviews and lone accounts of people having negative experiences, remember that many are situation-based, and we don’t always know the whole picture.

Our merchants are trusted since many provide online chats and 24-hour customer care and are mandated to respond promptly to consumer communications. 

They all have good return policies as well. No matter where you buy genuine gold jewelry, be sure there is a simple and painless return procedure in case you don’t like it.

FAQs About Place To Buy Gold Jewelry

Which country has the cheapest gold jewelry?

The cheapest gold jewelry can be found in many different countries. 

However, some of the most affordable places to buy gold jewelry include Thailand, India, and China. 

Gold jewelry is typically quite affordable in these countries, and you can find great deals if you know where to look.

What is the best time to buy gold?

The best time to buy gold is when the market is low. Gold prices fluctuate depending on the economy, so gold prices are usually up when the stock market is down. 

This is because investors turn to gold as a haven during economic uncertainty.

Which country has the best quality gold?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on several factors, including personal preferences. 

However, many believe Switzerland has the best quality gold, followed by the United States and Canada.

Is gold in Dubai cheap?

If you’re looking for cheap gold, then Dubai is the place to go. The city is renowned for its abundance of gold, and you’ll be able to find plenty of stores selling it at a great price. Just be sure to haggle!


Hopefully, the concern about where to buy gold is reputable. 

People have pocketed for themselves accessible places to buy and sell so that when there is a need to buy and sell gold, they can buy quality gold and find the right products. 

Favorite designs for yourself. Finding reputable gold trading addresses helps you limit the problem of buying fake gold currently on the market.

Where To Buy Gold Jewelry? Best Places 2023
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Where To Buy Gold Jewelry? Best Places 2023
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