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Our store is not just a another jewelry buyer which can be found throughout the state, we are also one of the few in Allen Texas that will actually trade your jewelry! So if you have an important occasion where you need a new piece, or you simply need something new in your collection without spending any money we have some exquisite works of art available for you to look at. No matter what the occasion is, we will have something in stock for you.We will make sure that your pieces are the real deal before we offer you a quote for your trade and we will test it right in front of you. You can be assured you will get a fair trade for your pieces. 

We will trade almost anything you have, whether it is an antique, last years fashion, todays rave or estate jewelry. It doesn’t matter if it is a name brand or a uniquely crafted piece, they are all works of art created by great craftsmen. Whether your pieces are made out of gold, silver, gemstones or have other precious metals (such as palladium) in them, we will take a look and give you a fair offer. 

When you bring your jewelry to us, we will have it appraised for you before you trade with us. We have an expert professional on site who is a Gemologist using GIA standards.  When it comes to trading with us, we have extremely high standards when it comes to getting a value from us. We wish for you to feel safe and comfortable when you part with our valuables. 

Despite the recovering economy, things can be tough when it comes to getting a new piece of jewelry. Now is the best time to get a great trade for your articles, the economy of precious metals and gemstones has been rising which means you can get a great value from us. With prices going the way they are now, trading is a great way to get some new pieces without spending a whole lot of money! If you need something new or simply something that is different to be added to your collection, we can help you keep your wallet full. Whatever your reason is for trading your jewelry, we will help you get your new pieces with our quick and easy process. There’s no obligation to trade to us when you get your quote. Don’t forget to check out our 5 star reviews and testimonials! 

you have enough of your rolex or other Jewelry Piece - Come & trade for a new one

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