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Tips 2 Sell Gold Near Me

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Tips 2 Sell Gold Near Me With the price of gold ever soaring, gold traders are encouraging individuals to trade in their gold for cash with the promise of making a tidy sum. Seemingly these days you cannot escape gold traders’ ad; everywhere you look there is an advertisement for gold for cash trade in; whether is a flashy billboard, internet ads, or television ads, the promise is for you to get a fair deal and fast transactions.

When done right, there is a potential for you to make good money from your gold assets. As such, you can liquidate the unwanted jewelry you have into substantial money that you can invest in another asset, say as down payment for your new car.

However, when done in a haphazard manner, you stand to lose a lot in the deal. Considering that the gold dealers and traders operate in a self-regulated industry, it is of utmost importance that you only deal with trustworthy dealers who have a track record of putting their clients’ needs first.

Tips 2 Sell Gold Near Me Just Call Us Now: (972) 996-4605 

That being said, the onus is on you, the gold seller to take prudent measures to ensure that they actually reap the benefits of liquidating the gold assets. With this in mind, Allen Gold & Silver Exchange will explore some of the top tips that you can use to sell gold near you.

Tip #1. Never Sell Your Gold On A Whim

The number one tip is to never sell your gold on a whim. As much as you may be in a financial bind, it important to sell your asset in a manner that protects your interest. This is to mean that you should not just take all your gold jewelry and head out the first jewelry trader that you find. Instead, you should take your time to research the on who the best gold traders near you are. In doing this, you maximize the potential of getting the best deal possible. Importantly, though, you reduce the chances of dealing with unscrupulous traders who are only after some quick bucks, and, therefore, are only interested in milking as much as possible in the deal.

Tips 2 Sell Gold Near Me Just Call Us Now: (972) 996-4605 

Tips 2 Sell Gold Near Me

Tip #2. Understand Fully What You Own

Know The Weight Of Your Jewelry – The very first thing you ought to do in your endeavor to sell your gold is to measure its weight. Weight goes into determining how much a particular item is worth. In the same light, you might want to read up on the scale used by dealers. Typically, the Troy ounce measurement standard is used. However, there are many other systems of weights in use. You should be aware of the various weight measurements systems in use.

Know Your Karats – The Federal Trade Commission has set out rules about the purity of a gold item. For instance, there are rules regarding the karat fineness of a gold alloy. Since pure gold is very soft for practical use, gold jewelry is mixed with other elements to provide firmness, color, and durability. As such, an alloy classified as 1 karat is made up of 1 part pure gold and 23 pars of other elements. In the same light, a 22 karat gold jewelry is made up of 22 parts of pure gold and 2 parts of another element. It is important to note that for a jewelry to be classified as gold jewelry, it must have at least 10 karats.

When you know the karats of your jewelry, you should separate the various gold item into their karat value category. In doing this, you will avoid having all your jewelry items weighed together and being paid according to the lowest karat value.

Get The Gold Asset Appraised – Another important part of knowing what you have entails having it appraised. You stand to make more money by selling your jewelry as a finished product rather than selling the gold on a per weight basis. However, this can only apply when the item you are selling is an antique or designer jewelry. To this end, you should get your jewelry pieces appraised by a member of either the American Society of Appraisers or the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers, the International Society of Appraisers.

Opt for professional jewelry appraisesr who are registered with a trade body rather than any other run-of-the mill appraiser. Appraisers who belong to a trade body are professionally trained and they must work in according to the strict industry guidelines. As such, you are more than likely to get a clear picture of what you own when your items are appraised by professionals. In the same light, your appraiser is best placed to advise you whether you should sell the jewelry as is or scrap.

Tips 2 Sell Gold Near Me Just Call Us Now: (972) 996-4605 

Tips 2 Sell Gold Near Me

That being said, you should taper your expectations somewhat and be realistic. The appraisal you get is usually meant for insurance purposes where an insurance company is interested in understanding the cash value of replacing the jewelry item. Therefore, as much as the appraisal will give you the true value of the jewelry, this figure is a resale value. This means that you might not get a deal that actually meets the value provided by the appraiser.

Get Updated On The Price Of Gold – To ensure that you get the fair market value for your gold, you need to have the latest gold pricing. You can track the price of gold at Do note, however, rarely will sell your gold items at the current market value.

Tips 2 Sell Gold Near Me Just Call Us Now: (972) 996-4605 

Tip #3. Deal With Only Reputable Dealers (Research The Buyer)

While it may seem like a no-brainer, you will be surprised by the number of people who sell their gold to unscrupulous dealers. It is never too much to want to deal with renowned dealers who have cultivated a reputation of being a trustworthy trader.

As such, always make a point of researching every potential buyer. Doing this will help you avoid selling your gold with traders who have very little interest in being fair in their pricing. In some cases, researching your potential buyer will negate the possibility of losing your gold.

Also, note that the amount of gold you have can influence the best gold trader to go for. For instance, if you have a large amount of gold to sell, selling to refiners or large gold traders will get you as close to the true market value of your gold as possible. However, the option of selling to refiners and other large gold traders is usually the preserve of large amount trade-ins. The other option is to deal with local pawn shops or local jewelers. Such enterprises will accept even the smallest of gold items you might have.

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Tip #4. Take Protective Measures – By law, gold traders are required to ask for government-issued identification. This law is designed to protect the general public from having the property stolen and sold. As such, whenever you go to sell your gold items, you should ensure that you carry your ID.

Beyond that, you should document your jewelry in intricate details before shipping it to a potential buyer and before leaving it with a potential buyer. To this end, take detailed photographs of the items, capturing every aspect of the item. This will go a long way in helping you get back your property in case it is misplaced or it gets lost whilst in the hands of the buyer.

You can go further to protect yourself by dealing with dealers who have an official reimbursement policy in case the jewelry item gets lost while in their hands.

We have made it our priority to be the leading gold trader in the localities we operate in. Our efforts have seen us build a strong and renowned brand synonymous with the best appraisal and valuation and the best customer services. For more information or to contact our experts, please call us on (972) 996-4605. We are happy to answer all your queries as well as offer you the best deal in the market.

Tips 2 Sell Gold Near Me Just Call Us Now: (972) 996-4605 

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