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The 10 Best Jewelry Blogs

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The 10 Best Jewelry Blogs A great piece of Jewelry is something that is a joy to behold and is part of every modern woman’s essential accessories. The correct Jewelry, in a variety of styles and designed with both artistic flair and a classical eye can transform even the plainest outfit into something that turns heads.

Today the choice of Jewelry types, the materials that are used in the design, gemstones and styles provide more choice than ever.

The challenge for the modern, stylish woman is to find that piece that is a reflection of her unique approach to style – while at the same time keeping up with the latest Jewelry trends.

One of the ways to stay up to date is to follow influencers-like those who curate and produce content for specialized blogs.

Here are the 10 best Jewelry blogs that every style conscious consumer should be following.

1. Gemologue.

Blogger Liza Urla is one of the most popular Jewelry bloggers in the world. Visiting her blog it’s not difficult to see why. She talks with authority about style breakthroughs on the global stage, trends and even vintage fashion.

Adding to the attractions of the blog are some great interviews with designers and fashionistas. She has a degree inn Gemology – so she speaks with authority. interesting and informative – this blog is a must read for anyone interested in Jewelry.

2. Gem Gossip.

Blog owner Daniele Miele covers an enormous amount of ground is this blog. She touches on everything from fashion and education, shows and news about designers the world over and trends. Another gemologist she speaks with great authority and makes the subject incredibly interesting.

3. The Jewelry Loupe.

Blogger Cathleen McCarthy is an old hand when it comes to writing about Jewelry. She has multiple decades of experience in writing for some of the most influential magazine son the subject. He blog is of particular interest to those who want to explore unusual pieces and the artistic side of design. She often writes on pieces that have found their way to auction houses. Fabtastic resource for those who want to learn about design or even the marketing of Jewelry.

4. iDazzle.

Blogger Monica Stephenson has an impressive resume having spent a stint as Editor at the Contemporary Jewelry Design Group. She also has a degree that can back up her opinions. If you like gemstones and stories about established and up and coming designers this is the blog for you.

5. The Carrotbox.

This blog is highly specialized – but still manages to be fascinating. It focuses exclusively on rings. Blogger Alice Matsumoto talks about designers and designs. If longevity is any indication her blog is one of the most successful having been around since 2003.

6. Gem Obsessed.

If you are interested in Jewelry design, trends and what celebrities are wearing then this blog will be an absolute delight. Blogger Cheryl Kremkow has served as Editor-in-Chief of Jewelry mags such as Modern Jewelry as well as Lustre.

7. The Studio.

Rio Grande the blogger in charge writes on a wide variety of topics that include trends and what to wear to compliment your own personal style. There are also some fabulous article on how to break into the world of Jewelry design.

8. Candere.

Coming out of India this is a blog that is tailor made for those with an interest in gemstones. there is a definite focus on diamonds. Has some fantastic images that will inspire those who want to enjoy the beauty of precious gemstones. Filled with informative articles.

9. The Wеndу Brаndеѕ Blоg.

Simply one of the best jewllery blogs in existence. The blogger has won numerous awards for design so it’s no surprise that the blog features some exceptional high end pieces. This blog is perfect for designers and those who just want to learn more about the possibilities and beauty that creativity can provide. Definitely deserves its place on the list of the 10 best Jewelry blogs.

10. Gеm Gоѕѕiр.

Tremendously wide ranging with topics that cover trends, classic and antique Jewelry, what celebs are wearing and some great interviews with leading designers. The owner is another qualified and degreed gemologist.

There you have it – the 10 best Jewelry blogs on the Internet. Visit and follow and stay up to date with all the news and trends.

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The 10 Best Jewelry Blogs

The 10 Best Jewelry Blogs

The 10 Best Jewelry Blogs
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