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Are you ready to sell your fine jewelry or coins? When you come to Allen Gold and Silver Exchange in Allen Texas, you are dealing with a trusted licensed and accredited jewelry buyer who will get you top paying quotes for your valuables. Each coin and piece of jewelry is an amazing piece to be sold and we want our quote to reflect that fact. 

It is a good idea to get your pieces authenticated, there are many fakes out there which can fool the average buyer. We have an expert professional on site who is a gemologist using GIA standards who will use the best testing equipment available. When you get our value for your items, our primary goal is to help you feel safe and comfortable when you part with our valuables. We use the standard testing methods to help maintain our reputation within our community. When you bring your items to us, we will have it valued right in front of you so you know you will be getting a great deal! You will get a same-day offer for your valuables. 

We will also appraise your jewelry for insurance purposes for a reasonable fee, while you wait.  Your jewelry could be last years fashion, todays hot item or some scrap which you simply need to get rid of. You can bring in any luxury name brand or a unique, brilliant and dazzling piece  which can’t be found anywhere else. We will take a look and give you a fair offer. 

If you are feeling your wallet getting tight, now is the best time to get rid of your excess jewelry and coins. The prices of precious metals have been rising in recent years, now is the time to relieve yourself of your excess jewelry. With prices going the way they are now, selling is a great way to make some easy money! If you are in a hurry for some cash, we are a great place to go to as a private buyer. Whatever your reason is for selling your jewelry, we can help you get your money fast and easy. There’s no obligation to proceed with your transaction with us when you get your quote. Don’t forget to check out our 5 star reviews and testimonials! 


Frequently asked questions

Most frequent questions and answers

What if I have a diamond but am unsure of its type?

You might find some important information on a grading certificate, appraisal, or even the original jeweler’s receipt if you have one of them. If you are in this scenario, an alternative is to send it or bring it to Allen Gold Silver Exchange  or You can also call at (469) 403-8356.

Would getting a certification for my diamond increase its value?

In general, no. A certification is typically a “replacement” value to protect against a loss and does not alter the properties of the diamond. The absolute maximum value provided by the majority of certificates may not be correct at the time of sale (due to market conditions, for example). Our purchasers do their own independent evaluations with the goal of providing the most accurate assessments. 

How much is the value of my diamond?

The four Cs, as they are known in the trade, play a significant role in determining the value of your diamond.

CARAT: The diamond’s weight

COLOR: A diamond’s worth increases since it is rarer and more valuable the whiter it is.

CLARITY: The higher any valuation will be, the cleaner the diamond is.

CUT: How the stone is cut to reflect light and give it a distinctive diamond shine

What risks arise in the sale of diamonds?

The most popular jewelry is made of diamonds; however, buying diamonds carries significant risks. There is a chance of acquiring a diamond that has been cut and polished by someone who lacks the necessary abilities, which could result in a diamond of lower quality. Additionally, there is the possibility of purchasing a fake diamond, which occurs frequently. For those who buy diamonds from trustworthy jewelers and are knowledgeable about what they’re doing, the risks are not very high, but it’s crucial to be aware of them before making any purchases.

What advantages come with selling diamonds?

One of the most prized valuable stones in the world is the diamond. They could stand for friendship, affection, or engagement. The selling of diamonds has a plethora of benefits. The fact that they can be utilized as a financial investment since they maintain their value over time is one of their primary advantages. Another advantage is that they never go out of style and are timeless, so they may be handed down through the generations without losing value. The finest place to find a diamond is at your neighborhood jeweler, who can assist you in finding the ideal stone for your requirements.

Who will inspect my diamond(s)?

The only staff members qualified to make final offers and do physical evaluations are our qualified diamond, gemstone, and GIA Graduate Gemologists. When dealing with Allen Gold Silver Exchange, you may be confident that you’ll get nothing less than the best professionalism.

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