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Are you ready to sell your luxury watches? When you come on down to our store in Allen Texas, know you will be dealing with a trusted licensed and accredited buyer. Our company wants to ensure you get a top paying same-day quote. When you bring your watches to us, we will have it appraised for you on the spot before you sell to us! 

Timepieces are deceptively simple to most people but not to us. We know that not all of them are simple time pieces, these things are impressive works of art in of themselves and have some amazingly intricate details. Some watches are simple timepieces, while others can display the phases of the moon, the year and are accurate right down to the second. The more complications your watch has, the higher its value will be. 

We have an professional on site who will look at these features and for the watch’s serial number to help make sure you get a great payment. When it comes to getting an value  from us, we have very high standards because we know you want a high payout. We are committed to helping you feel safe and comfortable when you part with our valuables. 

Allen Gold and Silver Exchange will buy almost any luxury watch you have, as long as it is real. Whether it is an antique, a name brand, todays or last years fashion. It doesn’t matter if your watches have gold, silver, gemstones or other precious metals, we will take a look and give you a fair offer and immediate payment. 

When it comes to luxury watches, brand names are known to add value. Some name brands (Rolex, Patek Philippe, Cartier, etc.) are timeless and very important symbols in our culture, which adds a great deal to their value. There are many other things to consider when we look at your watch such as its condition, antique value, complications and brand name reputation. If you have a valued name brand you’re interested in selling or you simply want to know the value of your watch for insurance reasons, bring it on down to us. 

Selling your luxury watch is a great way to make some easy money and make sure you get your bills paid on time! If you are in a hurry for some cash for your bills, that great vacation or a new large purchase, we are a great place to go to as a private buyer. Whatever your reason is for selling your watches to us, we can help you get your money fast and easy. We want you to leave with a full purse or wallet when you come to our store while feeling a little bit lighter by selling your extra precious metals. There’s no obligation to sell to us when you get your quote. Don’t forget to check out our 5 star reviews and testimonials! 


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