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Are you ready to sell your precious metals? Allen Gold and Silver Exchange isn’t just another run of the mill pawnshop in Allen Texas that buys only gold. We will also buy your silver, palladium, platinum and many other precious metals. As a private licensed and accredited jewelry buyer, we will buy almost any precious metals you have. It doesn’t matter to us if your metals come from luxury watches, jewelry pieces, coins, individual bars or even scraps. We know your precious metals are worth a lot and we want to help you get the best offer you could possibly get! 

For thousands of years, gold has been one of those precious metals that set economic standard for the world. Precious metals such as palladium and platinum are also highly sought after and have been in high demand in recent years as well. The economy of these precious metals is in a constant state of change, however their value has been rising in recent years which means now is the time to relieve yourself of of your extra metals. With prices going the way they are now, selling your metals is a great and fast way to make some easy money! 

It is important to make sure you have your precious metals tested before you have it sold and sold to the right professional. Our on site team has access to fully licensed equipment to authenticate your metals purity, inclusions, scratches or other signs of wear. We will even test your gold right in front of you so you know our tests are 100% accurate. 

When it comes to our reputation at Allen Gold and Silver Exchange, our standards are very high when it comes to ensuring you will get a fair market price for your metals. We are committed to helping you feel safe and comfortable when you get an appraisal. Once you have your quote, you will receive an immediate payment for your metal. There’s no obligation to sell to us when you get your quote. 

Despite the recovering economy, things can be tough when it comes to getting your bills paid for while maintaining a balance in your accounts. If your wallet or purse is starting to feel a little tight, now is the best time to get rid of your excess metals. If you are in a hurry for some cash, we are a great place to go to make your wallet a little thicker. Whatever your reason is for selling, we can help you get your money fast and easy. Don’t forget to check out our 5 star reviews and testimonials! 

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