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Jewelers Who Buy Jewelry Near Me 2023

Beauty is indispensable in life for women, which also means that beautiful jewelry is extremely important. Beautiful highlight jewelry will make your outfit more luxurious.

Today, social needs are increasing; sometimes, we just need to sit at home to choose an item we like without having to go far.

The same goes for jewelry, which is no longer your priority when going out to meet friends or lavish parties. You want to sell it but don’t know where near you, but reputable. 

In the following article, Allen Gold & Silver Exchange will help you with jewelers who buy jewelry near me, helping consumers have the opportunity to buy quality jewelry.

Jewelers Who Buy Jewelry Near Me Online


One of the greatest locations to sell your diamond ring for the most money is Worthy. FedEx offers free delivery for sending jewels like diamond rings.

Your jewelry is evaluated, and Worthy gets it ready for auction. Watches are appraised by Central Watch in New York City, while diamonds are evaluated by the foremost authority in the field, the GIA.

You may establish a minimum price on Worthy, and certain products can be eligible for a price guarantee. 

If your item sells for more than $30,001, your seller fees drop to 10% from their starting rate of 18% for things that sell for $5,000. After your item sells, you can choose direct deposit, PayPal, or a paper check for payment.

They’ve sold beautiful jewelry valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars and have auctioned off a $4,000,000 diamond on their platform.

These beautiful jewelry pieces are available for sale on Worthy:

  • Loose diamonds
  • Rings
  • Earrings
  • Watches
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets

Because you have access to a broader customer base than when selling locally, you could make more money. However, the amount you earn might be rather erratic since you won’t be able to foresee whether your auction will get a few bids or become competitive.

Recent listings are worth looking at to see how they stack up against other possibilities since you can use them to see how much you may get at auction.


  • Auctions may provide better prices than rapid payments.
  • Use a professional assessment, pictures, and cleaning to prepare for an auction.
  • Options for flexible monetary payments
  • Deliveries are covered for up to $100,000.


  • Not all auctions result in a bidding battle.
  • The bidding procedure may be completed in two weeks.

Cash for Diamonds USA

The companion website of Cash for Gold USA is Cash for Diamonds USA. CJ Environmental Inc., a self-described leader in precious metals processing, is the parent firm of both systems.

You may get a free shipment and a 24-hour assessment. The appraisers use the top GIA appraisal standards in the market. The carat, clarity, cut, and color of the diamond affect how much you earn.

If you decline their offer for these diamond items, Cash for Diamonds USA will return your jewelry at no cost to you:

  • Wedding bands
  • Loose diamonds
  • Gold jewelry

Any size diamonds are acceptable, and damaged jewelry has no bearing on the appraised value. A suitable substitute for going to a neighborhood gold and diamond exchange business is this dealer.


  • Cash payout within 24 hours after receipt of the appraisal
  • Can sell damaged jewels 


  • perhaps make more money on other platforms
  • Pay just for material value; do not pay for the market worth of the jewelry.


You may sell fine jewelry and timepieces on the online luxury consignment store TheRealReal. If you don’t want to sell your jewelry at an auction but still want to get a higher price than precious metal recyclers do, you could choose this alternative.

TheRealReal bases its sales pricing on information from previous transactions involving comparable goods.

For jewelry that sells for $995 or more, you may retain up to 70% of the proceeds. You may keep 85% of the final value price for watches costing at least $2,495 in retail price.


  • possible to make more money than an auction or an immediate payment provider
  • For the first 30 days, you may sell for the highest price.
  • can sell high-end jewelry or timepieces


  • High seller fees are possible
  • Uncertainty about sale
  • Selling price declines over time to draw in buyers.

Cash for Gold USA

Cash for Gold USA is one of the top websites for the online selling of gold, silver, or platinum jewelry. Even dental waste without any bone or porcelain might be sold. 8k is the bare minimum carat for gold jewelry.

FedEx will deliver your products to them for free, and they will insure them for up to $5,000. After receiving your jewelry, Cash for Gold USA assesses within 24 hours. Accepting the offer entitles you to pay through cheque, bank transfer, or PayPal.

Cash for Gold USA will return your jewelry for free if you reject the offer.


  • Most gold jewelry is accepted.
  • Get an evaluation within 24 hours. Quick payment Free delivery for returns


  • May make more money in a jewelry auction.
  • There may be better venues for buying and selling diamonds.

WP Diamonds

Another significant buyer of luxury jewelry, diamonds, handbags, and watches is WP Diamonds.

As a reputable online jeweler, WP Diamonds guarantees to pay you fairly for your loose stones (diamonds weighing at least.5 carats), designer jewelry, handbags, and timepieces.

However, their approach is more conventional in that a WP Diamond specialist on staff will assess your item before making a bid. Accept it or reject it.

They have the essential knowledge and experience to appropriately price your diamond items based on the current second-hand diamond market, thanks to their staff of GIA-trained gemologists and industry veterans.


  • Reputable jewelry seller with over a thousand positive BBB ratings and testimonials
  • A website that makes it simple to sell jewelry online.
  • Buy your valuables for cash.
  • The easy procedure with $150,000 insurance and round-trip FedEx shipment
  • Elect to do business via phone or email.
  • Selling in only 24 hours: Since WP Diamonds purchases your jewelry immediately, there is no need to wait for internet postings or auctions. Simply their best price upfront, with no bargaining or bartering.
  • Your final offer is paid out in full; no fees will be subtracted.


  • Instead of using a trustworthy third-party laboratory like GIA, as Worthy does, an internal appraiser does the examination.
  • There is just one offer, and there is no dynamic market pricing.


Rare or very precious jewelry is sold at Sotheby’s. Your gold and diamond jewelry may be sold privately or at an auction. The greatest choice will depend on how much money you think your jewelry is worth.

You must supply images of your goods to get a provisional estimate from Sotheby’s. If it satisfies their criteria, Sotheby’s will send a qualified appraiser to work with you to sell your jewelry.


  • The advantageous choice for the most expensive jewelry
  • May conduct a private sale or an auction
  • Work with a devoted professional


  • Not all jewelry is acceptable.


BlueNile, a retail leader in the online diamond engagement ring industry, collaborated with Mondiamo, a relative newcomer to the online diamond and jewelry buyer market.

Early in 2020, Mondiamo merged with Circa, a rival business. Circa has an A+ rating with the BBB and has continued Mondiamo’s partnership with BlueNile.

Circa buys jewelry in cash and accepts high-end designer pieces, diamonds weighing at least 4 carats, and engagement rings. 

Additionally, they will buy antique, Edwardian, Georgian, Art Nouveau, Belle Epoque, Art Deco, Retro, Modern jewelry, and historical or estate jewelry.

Circa will provide a guaranteed offer range if you submit a grade report from the GIA, EGL, IGI, AGS, GSI, GCAL, IIDGR, or HRD. Circa can provide a final offer that falls within this range after you send in your jewelry. 

According to the business, more than 90% of its clients get final offers with prices that are more than the middle of the assured range (which includes shipping and insurance). The 15% cost of Mondiamo has already been included in the range.


  • It cuts away the middlemen and claims to provide a premium price in collaboration with the diamond store Blue Nile. Better Business Bureau rating: A+.
  • Transparency is created via videos and postings on websites.
  • Fully insured FedEx delivery, including returns where applicable and deliveries from you to Circa.


  • This buyer accepts only jewelry with a diamond weighing at least 4 carats.
  • Before an offer is made, if you don’t have a lab report, you must send in your item for inspection and grading.
  • This deal is only valid for 7 days; you must restart the procedure.

Jewelers Who Buy Jewelry Near Me Locally

Jewelers Who Buy Jewelry Near Me Locally

Most likely, the fastest course of action is to sell your jewelry to a local buyer. You may go to your neighborhood jeweler and leave with payment. You may compare prices with another local retailer or try selling your jewelry online if you don’t like one local offer.

Jewelry Stores

Local jewelry shops often purchase used jewelry. Given that they may be able to provide you with the greatest pricing locally, this should be among your first options. 

Additionally, you should only shop at locally owned jewelry shops since they are more likely to pay you in cash than store credit.

However, they don’t always have the lowest prices. The price you get for your jewelry may sometimes be influenced by local supply and demand, similar to how you might earn more for things on eBay than at a garage sale. 

Although it is practical, you may not always receive the greatest deal. The majority of local businesses consider the fact that they want to sell that jewelry.

There are national jewelry retailers that provide in-store appraisals, such as Zales, Kay Jewelers, and Helzberg Diamonds, but you will need to send in your item. 

Store credit is available, but not cash. This is OK if you intend to purchase other jewelry since your trade-in value will probably be greater than the cash value. 

If you need money, you should avoid selling to big-name jewelry retailers.

The following national jewelry retailers have trade-in plans:

  • Zales 
  • Jared 
  • Kay Jewelers

Before you sign anything, read the terms and conditions of the repurchase program.

Local and international jewelry retailers will provide you with a free estimate after evaluating your pieces. The Gem Institute of America (GIA), considered the “gold standard” in diamond valuation, is used by most diamond appraisers.


  • Independent shops accept cash.
  • Can sell gold, diamond, and platinum jewelry. Potentially the best local alternative for pricey jewelry


  • Only national brands provide credit for trade-ins.
  • Jewelry retailers accept not all jewelry types.

Pawn Shops

Your town probably has a pawn shop even without a fine jewelry store.

Only highly sought-after products, such as diamonds, gold rings, and necklaces, will be purchased by jewelry merchants. 

However, pawn shops will purchase just about everything, even collectibles like Pandora, fake jewelry, and specialty items like watches.

You won’t receive as much money from a pawn shop for your jewelry as you would at a neighborhood jewelry shop. Customers at pawn shops anticipate very inexpensive costs, while purchasers must allow for a small profit margin.

However, the current London Fix pricing should be used to value your gold jewelry by both jewelry retailers and pawn shops.


  • Possibilities to get cash instead of store credit, pawn shops are more willing to purchase all forms of jewelry.
  • Offer gold jewelry for more than its scrap value.


  • Offers might be less than those of jewelry retailers.
  • Possibly more money if you sell it yourself.

Gold Exchange Stores

During your everyday journey, you’ve noticed shop signs that read, “We purchase gold.” Usually, these signs are placed outside of gold and silver exchange shops.

The wonderful thing about exchange shops is that they take nearly everything with diamonds and precious metals. 

Even gold bullion and collectible coins may be sold for cash. It is worthwhile to compare offerings since this choice may also be a great substitute for pawn shops.

You may expect to get the scrap value for your gold, diamonds, silver, and platinum at gold exchange shops.

As they are probably aiming to melt down your jewelry to build a new piece, the scrap value is less than the market value for the jewelry item. 

However, making an upfront payment might be preferable to looking for a buyer who wants to add to their collection of Black Hills Gold.

Call and compare the purchase costs if your town has numerous exchange outlets.


  • Accept most diamonds and jewelry
  • Cash settlements
  • To compare pricing, there are several retailers in many towns.


  • Offers are restricted to the scrap value.
  • It may be necessary to make an appointment for specialist products.

Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace

To generate additional money, you may always try selling your jewelry yourself. Pawn shops and jewelry businesses must give you a little payment to make a profit.

Listing your products on Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, or selling apps is free, and you may set your prices lower than those of your neighborhood shops.

Having your jewelry officially appraised might help you sell it for more money since you can confirm its authenticity. The appraiser should also inform you of the jewelry’s fair market worth.


  • You may earn more money by selling to the customer directly.
  • Since most applications allow free listing, you can sell jewelry that retailers won’t purchase from you.


  • It takes more work than visiting a shop.
  • To establish authenticity, you may have to provide an official evaluation.

Tips for Selling Your Jewelry

Here are some recommendations to go by whether you decide to sell your jewelry locally or online to obtain the maximum money for your gold and diamonds.

Get an Independent Appraisal

Any reputable jeweler will evaluate your jewelry before making an offer. Even though most vendors are reliable, you should first get an impartial evaluation to compare appraisal values.

Numerous jewelry stores provide free assessments. You would have to spend several hundred dollars to get a formal report to preserve your records.

You’ll know better where to sell your jewelry if you know how much it is worth. Try selling pricey items at an auction, for instance. But if you want to earn money fast, saving time and selling inferior jewelry for scrap could be wiser.

Knowing the jewelry’s specifics

You want to be as knowledgeable as possible about the jewelry you’re attempting to sell. You’ll have a better notion of the jewelry’s composition and market worth the more information you possess.

  • Pay attention to the following evaluation details:
  • Dimensions, cut, color, and clarity of diamonds
  • Gold weight and karat rating
  • Jewelry producer
  • Identify if the substance is natural or artificial (i.e., cubic zirconium)

FAQs About Sale Jewelry

How much is the value of my jewelry?

Only people who buy jewelry online can respond to that query. If you don’t sell the item at an auction or directly to a buyer on a website like eBay, remember that you’ll probably only get a portion of what you paid.

You must also deduct any commissions or additional fees from your sales price. And they may change based on where you sell. Don’t expect to get what you paid for the piece when you bought it; keep these facts in mind.

Yes, depending on the market, jewelry can increase in value. But getting a better deal requires knowledge, persistence, and time. It also requires researching the best-selling venue for your specific piece.

What is the most effective way to sell pricey jewelry?

We advise selling pricey jewelry to reputable online buyers, such as Worthy, CashforGoldUSA, or WP Diamonds.

These big, national businesses can quickly assess your diamond or other jewelry, ship it safely, have it appraised by trusted professionals, and have their national reputations on the line, which drives them to offer a high price and excellent customer service.

Are online jewelry sales secure?

Yes, selling jewelry online is secure if you work with a reputable business like those listed here. It’s crucial to look up businesses that assist you in selling jewelry on Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau.

Make sure the company ensures your product and that you’re dealing with a reputable business by researching.

Is it secure to make purchases using a “Craigslist jewelry for sale by owner” ad?

It is advisable to leave the purchase of jewelry to experienced purchasers like CashforGoldUSA, who are skilled in jewelry preparation, marketing, and photography. On Craigslist, you probably won’t find as many (or any) high-quality purchasers.

Because you cannot view any information on the buyer, the safety hazards of selling on Craigslist are significantly greater than those of Facebook Marketplace.

Is it worthwhile to consign jewelry to a store?

If you just search for the “best place to sell jewelry near me,” you probably won’t earn as much money as you would selling to an internet site like CashforGoldUSA since brick-and-mortar consignment stores have higher overhead expenses.

Can jewelry be sold back to jewelry shops?

Your engagement ring or other jewelry may need to be returned to where you purchased it. Alternatively, you might participate in a resale program from Tiffany, Cartier, Kay Jewelers, or Zales.

Even though most jewelers normally won’t purchase back the jewelry they sold you after a 30-day grace period, some stores do offer trade-up programs that let you exchange your existing diamond for a bigger center diamond or a more costly piece of jewelry.


To sell your jewelry, you should know the best local offline and online shopping locations listed above. They are reasonably priced compared to the jewelry industry, and their dependability is assured. A competent and courteous service is provided.

Please share any more addresses you may have in the comments section below!

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